David Wrench

A Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and Pythonista.

I LOVE building data products and teaching people to build things with code.

This is Me

Raised in a small town in the Midwest. I joined the military out of high school and saw the world in a whole new way after 10yrs of service. Checked off college after the military, moved around a bit in California. I now spend my time learning and teaching Python.

"Data Science is a team sport. From the engineers, product owner, and business sponsor. We win and lose together." - Me

I write Python.

I came into the Machine Learning scene around the Python 2 to 3 change was being heatedly debated. I chose Python 3 early on and that investment allowed me to learn how to refactor every Python 2.7 code snippet and tutorial I saw. Therefore, making me a better programmer from the start. I love Python, I owe everything I am today to Python for being so awesome.

I am currently wrapping up "mastering" Python to the extent that I will maybe pick up another language eventually, but the more I dig into Python. The more there is to learn. I have made my career on Python and SQL, splashing in some shell scripting to remind myself I am still worthy. But I do not feel I will outgrow Python. As Python continues to grow and be the dominant language of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Python is here to stay.

Volunteering + Mentoring

I help to organize and host the DesertPy and PyData meetups in Phoenix. I also volunteer and mentor at various MLH and other hackathon events around Phoenix.

Professional Summary

I'm constantly mastering my skills, domain, and toolset. I am passionate and creative at solving problems with data that interfaces with humans. I care most implementing applied Machine Learning and Cloud-Centric Data Analytics.

I am currently working on distributed and parallel workloads that include CPU's and NVIDIA CUDA GPU programming for distributed and accelerated Deep Learning and AI.



Google - Azure - AWS


Python - SQL - Bash

Libraries & Frameworks

Numpy - Scipy - Statsmodels - Pandas - Scikit-Learn - Spark - Flask - Dataiku - Databricks - Snowflake -and many more...

Work History

Data Scientist @McKesson

Experienced Data Scientist in Software Engineering, Cloud Platforms, Model Deployment, and Agile Development.

Deliver a wide range of data products from statistical analysis and visualizations to cloud-based machine learning models making real-time inference.

Train, mentor, and communicate Data Science best practices across the enterprise and within the local technology community.

October 2017 - Present

Data Science Student @Galvanize

Data Science, Python, and Statistics.
Versed in the Python ecosystem for scientific computing, Statistics, and Machine Learning. Studied in best practices in statistical analysis, including frequentist and Bayesian methods. Using software engineering best practices and pairing programming with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Machine Learning & Real-World Application.
Skilled in Machine Learning, working on real problems in classification, regression, and clustering utilizing structured and unstructured data sets. Applied scikit-learn, NumPy, and SciPy, to real world case studies to root understanding of these libraries to real world applications.

Natural Language Processing & Data Visualization.
Familiar with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and recommender systems. Worked with open-source big data processing tools, and techniques for data visualization and insight.

July 2017 - Oct 2017

Data Analyst @Early Warning Services

Built telecommunication fraud detection analysis for financial Institutions identifying and deterring International Shared Revenue Fraud.

Collaborated with international teams through various technologies. Analyzed disparate data sources, using domain expertise and analysis to take proactive measures in fraud prevention and marginalizing financial loss.

September 2016 - July 2017

Inspection Program Manager @USAF

Built Decision Support Systems, Risk Analysis Algorithms and Key Performance Dashboards for Compliance and Inspection Programs. Performed data analysis and reporting for strategic data-driven decision makers.

Developed and delivered innovative repeatable products and distributed them nationwide to help other organizations implement the technology I built. Trained multiple organizations across the country to help incorporate tools, processes, technology, and procedures for establishing Inspection Programs.

May 2105 - January 2016

Asst. Director of Inspections @USAF

Created middleware application of a Department of Defense system to aid Air Force Commanders in optimizing unit readiness for global deployment. Awarded recognition for software system built and visual analytics interface.

Conducted Executive level briefings and delivered actionable insights to Air Force Commanders into their unit’s compliance and inspection programs.

October 2011 - May 2015

Anti-Tank Infantry @USMC

Operated Anti-Tank Wire Guide Missile System utilizing the latest Infrared, FLIR and GPS technology for targeting and sighting systems. Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

June 2006 - January 2011

I write blog posts in Jupyter Notebooks on tech I work with, it's mostly Data Science and Machine Learning things.